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Tommy’s Put & Take Cleaners

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About Us

Our owner, Tommy Carter Jr’s parents, Tom and Mary purchased Put & Take Cleaners in 1981 from Mrs. Jean Tolbert. Mrs. Tolbert, along with her husband, ran Put & Take Cleaners in a small building that served Sumter County and Shaw Air Force Base since the early 1960’s. When Mrs. Tolbert retired, Tom Carter, Sr. decided he would put his past dry cleaning experience along with Mary to good use.

So, in 1981, Tom and Mary along with Tommy Jr. took over Put & Take Cleaners and renamed it Tom and Mary’s Cleaners. During the years between May 1981 and June 1993, Tom and Mary subbed all of the cleaning out to a cleaning plant in Sumter, SC. During those years we would take in a lot of Military work, mainly Air Force uniforms. Tommy states “I hauled a lot of uniforms, twice a day, to the main plant in Sumter, with a van full of laundry and dry cleaning.”

In 1993, Tommy Jr, along with his parents, decided to install their own dry cleaning plant to process the cleaning on site. In January of 2021, Tommy renamed Tom and Mary’s to Tommy’s Put & Take Cleaners and we continue to serve Sumter, Shaw and the surrounding communities of South Carolina.